About Us

Forum2100.org is seeking to solve the over-arching strategic energy problem of accelerating innovation along three fundamental dimensions:

  • Energy security –improving security of energy inputs and ensuring adequate and reliable infrastructure,
  • Energy affordability – limiting the total burden of energy invoices for consumers and ensuring worldwide access to affordable energy, and
  • Energy de-carbonization – and limiting other environmental impacts of energy.

A related objective is to consider potential requirements for climate adaptation and resilience, in the event that the amount of future climate change is not sufficiently curtailed.

We accept that significant progress on any one of these dimensions is likely to require some sacrifice in the pursuit of progress on the other dimensions.  We are aware that setting energy priorities is very context dependent – consider the respective needs of China, India, Germany, the US, and Sub-Saharan Africa.  Consider also divided opinion within individual countries.

Given the scale and complexity of changing our global energy system, we believe that any project that accelerates innovation on a net basis is worth considering.  In other words, we do not subscribe to the view that any one of these dimensions necessarily overrides the others.  Part of the purpose of Forum2100.org is to explore the complex choices and dilemmas inherent in creating an energy system that is appropriate for the 21st century.

At present, the work of Forum2100.org is advancing along two fronts:

  1. Hosting a bi-monthly set of online “Business and Energy Talks”, which are open to the public and which explore various aspects of the over-arching strategic energy problem, and
  2. Creating a formal, initially virtual community of members who are interested in collaborating on potential solutions to the over-arching strategic energy problem.

Additional information about David Gautschi and David Nagel is included on the site.