David Gautschi

In 2013 David Gautschi directed his attention to the study of energy systems and energy choice. At Fordham David teaches Innovation in Business and Energy, a seminar that explores transition risk analysis and business opportunities in the evolving global energy context.  His orientation to energy builds upon his experience in studying the transitions in such other industries, as global telecommunications and information services.

David has pursued a career that has spanned academe and business in the United States and in Europe. In academic circles he is known for his scholarship on the economics of services and technology, choice models, and marketing systems. Currently he is Dean emeritus and holds the Joseph Keating S.J. Professorship at Fordham University; he was previously the Kirby Cramer Scholar of Marketing and International Business at the University of Washington, where he founded the Center for the Study of Global Information and Telecommunications Industries, co-founded the Business and Economic Development Program, and directed the Center for International Business Education and Research.  In addition to these academic positions, he has served on the faculties of Cornell, INSEAD, Yale, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI).

During his career, David has co-founded three start-ups, all in the software sector. The first company, PRISM SA, headquartered in Fontainebleau, France pioneered industry specific market simulations with an industrial client base that spanned five sectors in Europe and the United States. The second company, Janus Enterprise International, founded in New Jersey, USA, specialized in decision analytics and the Strategy Laboratory ® for the global telecommunications and information industries with a client base in Europe, North America, and China. After serving four years as Firm Director at Deloitte & Touche LLP as one of six leaders of the firm’s e-business practice, David established CCG Group as a consultancy specializing in decision analytics for wireless communications providers.

David earned the BA in Mathematics from the University of Maine, the MBA from the University of Oregon, and the PhD in Business Administration from the University of California, Berkeley.