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Posted January 5, 2019

Forum2100 – Innovation in business and energy

“Because energy is everyone’s business”

2018 Year In Review

Now that 2018 has come to a close, we take a moment to reflect on what Forum2100 has accomplished during this past year. We began our journey pursuing our mission: 

To create a diverse, global community that works to change today’s polarized public discourse about energy sources and uses, and that endeavors to identify a portfolio of business-based innovations that solve real-world energy problems.

How have we done?

Our six bi-monthly energy talks have achieved rising participation.  We have drawn attendees from an expanding range of places across five continents. Our distribution list now includes more than 200 engaged people representing a wide variety of backgrounds, all united by an interest in learning how business can contribute to five energy priorities:

  • making energy systems secure,
  • making access to energy affordable to a greater number of people,
  • minimizing environmental damage from energy choices,
  • reducing carbon emissions, and
  • creating means of adapting to localized consequences of climate change.

Here are the people and the topics presented and discussed this past year:

  Tito Jankowski and Matthew Eshed, Air Miners: carbon capture, sequestration, and deployment in products

  Francois Vuille, Softcar: a novel electric vehicle with a creative business model

  Anna Demeo, RacePoint Energy: smart microgrids for residential and commercial buildings

  Ana Trbovic, Grid Singularity and the Web Energy Foundation: blockchain applications in energy

  Nick Gogerty, Solarcoin: a cryptocurrency to encourage solar energy adoption

  John O’Connor, Purify Fuel: a nanotechnology-based, diesel fuel additive to improve performance and reduce emissions

All of these talks are available on the website: https://www.forum2100.org/talks-archives/


What to look for in 2019? 

First:  Mark your calendars! Please join us for the first Business and Energy talk of 2019 at 11h30 EST / 17h30 CET on Tuesday 15 January with Eric Nelson, SAF Systems http://saf-usa.com/en/

SAF Systems has an innovative passive solar solution for constructing or retro-fitting structures of all kinds that can also store solar energy, thus making any building nearly emission-free.

Second: We will soon be announcing the next several speakers for our 2019 Business and Energy Talks.  But we are always looking for more energy innovators – across the spectrum – who are willing to share their work and to inspire others.  If this description fits you, or someone you know, please contact either David Gautschi at cyberdag@gmail.com or Dave Nagel at davidc.nagel@gmail.com

Third:  Coming attraction! Watch for an announcement of a Forum2100-sponsored competition for the best idea to build a successful business with a creative solution to an energy problem in the least developed parts of the world.

We look forward to welcoming you to these events and more in the coming year.

Wishing you and yours Peace in the New Year.

Our Season’s Greetings!

David Gautschi and Dave Nagel

p.s. as always, please forward this message to anyone you think might have interest in joining us. We are building the Forum2100 community and would appreciate your help.